A subsidiary company of Maxwell Automatic Doors – Dubai.

A susidiary company of Maxwell Doors – Dubai.

Glass Garage Door

Maxwell full-vision commercial sectional doors can be a combination of sandwich panels and a variety of full-vision acrylic-glass panels, so they are perfect for buildings with glazed facades like automotive showrooms and exhibition halls. Acrylic-glass panels made of durable aluminium profiles make Maxwell full-vision doors as strong as Maxwell industrial sectional doors. To enhance thermal and insulation efficiency Maxwell suggests combining full-vision glass panels and sandwich panels using T-bridge aluminium profiles featuring a polyamide thermal break.Maxwell full-vision commercial sectional doors have the same standard equipment and safety devices as sectional doors of Maxwell series. They can be operated with door operators (door operator model depends on door area).

Glass Garage Door
Glass Garage Door
  • All the necessary measurements are taken inside the premises with just a measuring tape and a water level. Every dimension should be taken at least in three points:
  • H — opening height (distance from floor to opening top);
  • B — opening width (distance between left and right side of the opening);
  • h — headroom (distance between opening top and ceiling) min 100 mm;
  • b1/ b2 — left/right sideroom (distance between a corresponding opening edge and obstacle) min 100 mm;
  • L — backroom.
  • When measuring Н and В the largest figure is taken for final dimension.
  • When measuring h, b1, b2 and L the smallest figure is taken for final dimension.

Difference of floor level along the opening should not exceed 10 mm. Make sure that mounting surface of headroom and side rooms is level. The inside perimeter of the door opening should be framed with metal or other solid material in case the surface is not concrete or solid enough to install tracks system.