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We “Maxwell Auto Doors” are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Rolling Shutters at an affordable price. Our products are acknowledged by our clients in the market for their varied features such as smooth functioning, sturdy construction, corrosion resistance, dimensional accuracy and long lasting nature. In order to ensure quality of the products, we procure only high grade raw material from authenticated and trusted vendors.


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Rolling shutters- The best of security in metal and PVC

Do you need sturdy rolling shutters, able to withstand the fury of atmospheric agents or intrusion attempts? Are you more interested in thermally and acoustically insulating your building? Don’t want to miss anything? Maxwell Auto Doors is a company specialized in manufacturing and supplying Rolling Shutter Bangalore. Contact us immediately; we will recommend the right product to meet your needs.

Maxwell Auto Doors is one of the leading Rolling Shutter Manufacturers Bangalore to turn to for the supply of innovative shutters for homes, commercial buildings. We offer:

PVC rolling shutters– For those who love savings but want a product with good resistance and excellent insulation, we offer modern PVC rolling shutters available in various colours.

Aluminium rolling shutters– We offer aluminium rolling shutters with polyurethane for those who prefer products with higher resistance. Made with a pre-painted aluminium sheet, we guarantee excellent colour fastness even in darker colours. In the version with high-density polyurethane foam, we also offer excellent protection against hail.

Steel rolling shutters– Do you need a supply of sturdy rolling shutters for your buildings? Contact Maxwell Auto Doors. Our rolling shutter dealers in Bangalore offer them in the version with scratch-resistant external lamination. Appropriately equipped with safety bolts, it is one of the safest systems against break-in attempts.

Rolling Shutter

We design and manufacture an assortment of all types of rolling shutters that is Pull & Push type, gear operated, motorised, perforated shutters, etc. Fabricated from high grade steel and metal alloys, these are used in industrial, commercial and residential applications. Our reliable and corrosion resistant products are best option for security, power saving,and privacy. These shutters can also reduce the level of dust, noise and damages caused by harmful rays of sun.

Roller shutter, safety shutter, coiling door, roller door or over section door is a type of door or window shutter containing many horizontal slats. connected together. The door is raised to open and lowered to close. Provides protection from wind, rain, fire and theft. In the form of a Rolling shutter, it is used in front of a window and protects the window from vandalism and burglary attempts. Roller shutters have many applications that include the doors of bakkies, garages, kitchens, schools, prisons and storage areas. There are many types of Rolling shutters available at Maxwell auto Pvt. Ltd. like Side rolling shutter motor, Tubular rolling shutter motor, Central Motor, Insulated Shutter Motor and Polycarbonate Shutter motor From india to the world. We Manufacture, install, maintain and supply these types of rolling shutter motor for Public, commercial and industrial use.

Why choose our rolling shutter suppliers Bangalore?

Maxwell Auto Doors is a company with a long experience in the production and installation of rolling shutters. We have been active for many years in the sector, and we are able to respond to every need of individuals or companies.

Contacting our Rolling Shutter Motor Suppliers means being able to count on complete services, from inspection to installation of rolling shutters. We propose the best solution in line with your needs, creating the best products. We are also available for maintenance and repairs, should you need them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rolling shutters price in India?

Rolling Shutter prices vary depending on the type of Shutter you require. The price for a Rolling shutter can be cheap and expensive both

How many types of Rolling shutters are there?

Maxwell Auto Door Provides many types of Shutters for Residential and business applications like Insulated Rolling shutters, Polycarbonate Shutter door, Pull & Push type, gear-operated, motorized, perforated shutters, etc. We also provide Motors that drive these Shutters up and Down, powered by Electricity.

What are the uses of the rolling shutters?

Rolling shutters are used as a method of insulation, can protect windows against hail damage, and can be made to withstand high wind, can also help for security purposes, keeps your goods and products safe when locked. These shutters can also reduce the level of dust, noise and damages caused by harmful rays of sun.

How are rolling shutters Powered?

Our Rolling shutters are powered by Motors or manual relay systems, Shutters can be computerized for automatic opening and closing, using electric motors, Pull & Push type, gear operated, motorized, perforated shutters, etc

Can we customize Rolling Shutters?

Yes, you can customize Rolling Shutters in any way you require them. You have to submit the size and requirements for a custom Rolling Shutter.

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