A subsidiary company of Maxwell Automatic Doors – Dubai.

A susidiary company of Maxwell Doors – Dubai.

Automatic Doors

Nowadays Automatic Sliding Doors are becoming one of the most popular options for a variety of buildings as homes become larger. We have designed efficient and attractive doors. Our doors are well suited for industry and other heavy-duty applications. These doors are well designed as we are one of the leading manufacturers of doors in India offering a wide range of sliding doors made using high-quality materials and the latest technology. We always meet the needs of our customers and fulfill all their wishes. We never compromise on the quality we offer as our main goal is to satisfy our customers with the products we offer.


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Maxwell Auto Doors, the leading automatic gates manufacturer India, offers automatic doors that are in harmony between technology and design, evolved thanks to the precious work of study and creativity of an internal team consolidated over the years of designers, technicians and consultants.

Since its inception, making quality automatic entrances safe, functional, practical, reliable, technologically advanced and ecologically compatible has been our mission. Our daily challenge is to be able to satisfy every customer with our originality, design, consultancy, experience, providing an automatic door with limitless solutions. This corporate organizational synergy is our guarantee of success, which has led us to be the leading Automatic Sliding Door Manufacturer.


Our Automatic Door Manufacturers India guarantees an exhaustive service for every need from pre-sales to after-sales of automatic entrances. In meeting with the customer, it is our task to acknowledge the specific requests and propose the most suitable solution in this regard.

A detailed on-site inspection and the analysis of technical documents are always carried out to ascertain the structural type and environmental conditions where the work will be carried out.

The analysis of the data collected and the specific requests of the customer leads us to the elaboration of a technical project (on CAD support) and to the related formulation of an economic offer accompanied by detailed descriptions of the proposed product, indications on delivery times, on the guarantee and payment methods.

Once the realization times have been agreed, the execution of the works begins, which is carried out exclusively by highly qualified and trained personnel, using certified materials.
At the end of each installation, all the functional and safety checks of the automatic door installed are carried out, and the detailed operation of the system is explained to the customer.

Each automatic door is delivered to the customer together with the use and maintenance manual, the test certificate, the technical file, the guarantee, the various product certifications required by law and a scheduled maintenance proposal that allows guaranteeing functional efficiency and safety in the time of the automatic door itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are automatic doors?

The automatic door, also known as the Auto door, automatically opens, when the human is detected to be moving closer to it. When no one can be found inside the activation facility, the door begins to close after a specified time. There are many Automatic Doors available at Maxwell Auto Doors Pvt. Ltd. like Automatic Sliding Door, Automatic Swing Door, Automatic Revolving Door, Automatic Breakout Door, Automatic Telescopic Door In India to the World. We build, install, maintain, and supply these types of Automatic Door operators for home, commercial and industrial use.

What types of automatic doors are there?

Maxwell Auto Door Sells Automatic Breakout Doors, Automatic Door Closers, Automatic Revolving Door, Automatic Sliding doors, Automatic Swing Doors, and Automatic Telescopic Doors.

Where are automatic doors used?

Automatic swing doors are used in the same operation as standard swing doors. Automatic doors can be used to control the atmosphere inside the space by installing air conditioning so that the interior is properly heated or cooled. They are the best way when there is no rear space for the door to slide or fold in and where a clear opening should be used. These doors are ideal for indoor use where a small clear opening size is required, pedestrian access is required. Our flexible doors increase comfort and allow weak people to enter without having to overcome any obstacles. We offer a wide variety of panels – double-panel and single-panel panels to match the beauty of your building design.

Why should we use Automatic Doors?

Automatic Door Effectively reduce the heating and cooling cost of an organization. The door open only when activated and automatically when an object comes near to it, preventing the cool or hot air to escape from the inner environment

Can we customize automatic doors?

Yes, you can customize automatic doors in any way you require them. You have to submit the size and requirements for a custom automatic door.

What is the price of automatic sliding door in India?

Automatic Doors prices vary depending on the type of automatic door you require. The price for automatic doors can be cheap and expensive both