A subsidiary company of Maxwell Automatic Doors – Dubai.

A susidiary company of Maxwell Doors – Dubai.

Automatic Swing Door Operator

Manufactured to move doors up to 100KG, this type of automation is intended for swing pedestrian doors, with opening for interior or exterior, right or left. The electronics are prepared for emergency battery, radars, safety photocells and electric lock.

Offer Price:

This Kit Includes:

  • Automatic Swing Door Operator [1 Nos.]
  • Sliding Arm Kit [1 Nos.]
  • In and Out Infrared Radars
  • Fitting Accessories

Also Available:

  • Overhead Door Closer
  • Floor Spring Door Closer

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Automatic Swing Door Operator

Automatic Swing Door OperatorVERSATILITY

Custom manufacture according to the customer’s measurements, and with two types of safe available, facilitating the assembly according to the lintel height available.


The control board allows easy speed regulation and smooth door stop.


Control board with immediate detection of obstacles, complying with all safety regulations.


Profile developed with damping system to ensure efficient sound insulation, ensuring low noise level.


Control board with batteries for continuous supply in case of power failure


The  aluminum construction provides high strength and resistance.


This door allows the installation of simple glass leaves with F1 clamps (glass drilling), F2 clamps (clamping) or aluminum frames.


The control board has automatic programming function to ensure fast and easy programming.
Automatic Swing Door Details

Automatic swing doors are used in the same way as standard swing doors Maxwell’s automatic swing doors can be used to control space air by installing air conditioning so that the interior can be properly heated or cooled. They are the best way when there is no rear space for the door to slide or fold in and where a clear opening should be used.These doors are ideal for indoor use where a small clear opening size is required, pedestrian access is required. Our flexible doors increase comfort and allow weak people to enter without having to overcome any obstacles. We offer a wide variety of panels – double-panel and single-panel panels to match the beauty of your building design. Maxwell Auto door makes swing automatic doors, Auto swing doors, door auto operator, swing operator, automatic swing door system, automatic swing door operator

Automatic Swing doors enhance the security of the Complex where it is installed, A quick or open automatic slide or automatic door is a common electro method that works on a pedestrian door. You automatically open the door, hold it open and close the door. The automatic door opens and closes electrically, spring, or both while a person or vehicle passes through it. Maxwell Auto Doors Pvt. Ltd. Provide various features for Automatic Swing doors like Adjustable speed, Obstacle detection, Silent Operation, Continuous power supply even during a power cut, Highly Resistant to Wear and Tear, And Easy Programming. We provide various types of Automatic Swing Door like Telescopic door, Sliding door, Revolving door From India to the world. We Manufacture, install, maintain, and supply these Automatic Swing Doors for Public, commercial and industrial use.
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