A subsidiary company of Maxwell Automatic Doors – Dubai.

A susidiary company of Maxwell Doors – Dubai.


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We provide sensors for all types of automatic doors. Just send us your inquiry with your requirements if the sensor isn’t mentioned in our products.


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Maxwell Auto Doors is one of the leading Automatic Door Sensor Suppliers to develop and manufacture its controls and sensors itself as a major contributor to the enormous success of its products. This allows peripherals to be optimally matched to our products right from the planning phase, resulting in perfectly matched control logic for our door systems.

Our sensors are designed in such a way that they facilitate opening the door when someone approaches while accurately detecting the speed at which the person is approaching the door, cancelling the opening pulse if obstacles are in the sensor’s detection area, and preventing people with reduced or slow mobility from entering collides with the leaf when opening.

The years of experience of specialists in industrial sensor applications allow us to help our customers choose the right sensor for their application. We offer a wide variety of control sensors for automatic sliding doors that use active infrared technology for presence detection and active infrared or microwave technology for motion detection. All our sensors comply with the respective safety standard, guaranteeing the safety of anyone passing through or near the entrances they monitor.

Infrared Detection Radar- Our active infrared presence sensors can detect the static presence in the monitored area: essential for guaranteeing safety on the sides of the sliding automation, they can have a protruding or recessed installation in the automation cover. Our automatic door sensors are designed to facilitate timely door opening while maximizing safety for pedestrians.

Microwave Sensor- We also offer microwave sensors for automatic doors that detect the transit of people and objects in the specific monitored area. These sensors allow the operating function of the door opening command and are able to detect the direction of movement, avoiding activation in the event of departure (one-way sensors).