A subsidiary company of Maxwell Automatic Doors – Dubai.

A susidiary company of Maxwell Doors – Dubai.



Developed solutions for access management of condominiums, companies and others locals where entrances and exits are frequent.

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Features: –

  • Effective safety barriers with integrated design
  • Double-directed role control
  • Redesigned anti-tracking design – where the triangular arm rotates 60 °, it automatically locks and prevents it from rotating backwards
  • Stability with minimal preservation means years and millions of roles without problems
  • Turnstiles are used for programs that include stadiums and stadiums, perimeter and indoor security, recreation and entertainment parks, crowd merchant management, travel collection and reception area
  • Turnstiles are often used to monitor and count the number of people passing through the gate
  • The majestic Pillar & Bridge design of the tripod turnstile design used to control the flow of people
  • Simple installation and easy to install with existing programs
  • Consistent performance and inefficiency
  • The unique arm disposal feature offers a safety-saving solution in the event of an emergency or power failure.
  • Control of the double-guided role of tripod turnstile gates is available in both automatic and manual models.

Turnstiles is gate at an entrance that has arms which turn around and that allows only one person at a time to pass through. It is also called as a baffled gate to control the pedestrian flow. It enforces one-way traffic by using a pass, ticket or by inserting a coin or anything similar. A turnstile is a mechanical gate, designed to only allow one person to pass through at a time. A turnstile or “baffle gate” consists of revolving horizontal arms that are fixed to a vertical pole. The concept is ultimately simple – to create a gateway that only allows access in one direction. There are many types of Turnstiles available at Maxwell Auto Doors Pvt Ltd like tripod turnstiles gate, Flap barrier turnstiles gate, full height turnstiles, and turnstiles gate for disabled people from india to the world. We Manufacture, install, maintain and supply these types of turnstiles for home,commercial and industrial use.

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