A subsidiary company of Maxwell Automatic Doors – Dubai.

A susidiary company of Maxwell Doors – Dubai.

Turnstile For Disabled

Pedestrian turnstile easy to install with the possibility of automatic opening in both directions (bidirectional), when a 2nd turnstile is applied. It includes a security system so that in the event of a power failure, the door is automatically unlocked.

It is a cylinder-shaped mechanism and includes RGB light to signal opening and closing status, as well as an acrylic swing door and 304 stainless steel structure.

It is a compact and very practical turnstile, which allows the control of entrances and exits through various devices (not included), such as RFID cards, digital printing, facial recognition and bar codes.

In addition, it is compatible with any type of access control, including MCA01/02, so you can manage and control access for employees, customers or suppliers.

This type of turnstile is the ideal solution for situations in which people transport objects, such as in airports or supermarkets, since the door is opened automatically.