A subsidiary company of Maxwell Automatic Doors – Dubai.

A susidiary company of Maxwell Doors – Dubai.

Dock House – Standard Series

Loading dock house is a modular unit with an installed dock leveler and a shelter. Loading dock houses are bolted to a building’s exterior to preserve microclimate, save interior floor space, and seal out unwanted contaminants. These units are ideal for temperature-controlled warehouses and distribution centres where the entire building space is used or trailers can’t be parked perpendicular to the building.
Dock House - Standard Series
Dock House - Standard Series

Mounting on steel embedded plates. This is a preferable type of installation including embedment of steel plates (400 х 400 mm) in particular places of a concrete base during preparation of installation site for a dock house. Mounting on concrete base (with anchor bolts). This type of installation is used when steel plates were not embedded during concrete base pouring.

Dock House - Standard Series

Mounting on walls of different types (concrete, brick, metal, wooden, sandwich panels of 50 to 200 mm thickness).

Dock House - Standard Series
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