A subsidiary company of Maxwell Automatic Doors – Dubai.

A susidiary company of Maxwell Doors – Dubai.

Insulated Shutter Doors

Maxwell offers rolling shutters corresponding to International and European quality and safety standards, suitable for operation in different climatic conditions. Rolling shutters and roll-up doors are used to protect door and window openings from burglary and adverse weather conditions. All the rolling shutter components are produced on modern automated lines with the use of equipment from leading manufacturers. All metal parts are zinc-coated or painted to ensure corrosion resistance, prevent negative effects of aggressive environments, and prolong operational life of rolling shutters. Reliability of rolling shutters, safety of their operation and compliance with International standards are confirmed by corresponding certificates.

Insulated Shutter Doors
Insulated Shutter Doors
  • Opening parameters for face of wall mounting: H — opening height (max), mm; B — opening width (max), mm; h1 — headroom (min), mm; b1 and b2 — sideroom clearance (min), mm. Use a measuring tape and a water level, or electronic measuring instruments to take all the necessary measurements. Every dimension should be taken at least in three points. When measuring the opening for overhead mounting take into account walls unevenness and reduce the measuring 5-10 mm.
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