A subsidiary company of Maxwell Automatic Doors – Dubai.

A susidiary company of Maxwell Doors – Dubai.

Car Park Lock

Automatic Car Space Remote Control Parking Lock is used in all kinds of parking spaces to protect private parking area. It will protect your parking space by standing guard while you and your vehicle are away. You can feel at ease that no vehicle can park in your space and inconvenience you. The automatic parking lock is used to stop this type of parking disruption.

Offer Price:

This Kit Includes:

  • Automatic Car Park Lock [1 Nos.]
  • Remote Control [2 Nos.]
  • Panel Keys [2 Nos.]
  • Rechargeable Battery [1 Nos.]
  • Battery Charger [1 Nos.]

Also Available in:

  • 1200 KG
  • 1800 KG
  • 2200 KG

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Car Park Lock


  • Energy-saving: After one minute without using the barrier switches itself to the energy-saving mode.
  • Water-proof: Processed for motor, main parts so that they have water-proof feature.
  • Manual expatiation for an emergency: If the battery voltage is too low the barrier can be manually operated.