A subsidiary company of Maxwell Automatic Doors – Dubai.

A susidiary company of Maxwell Doors – Dubai.

Automatic Revolving Door

  1. Auto or mannual.
  2. Structure or driving system are optional.
  3. Drawings are available.
  4. Structures are optional, such as carbon fluorine painting, stainless stell, etc.

Safety & protection

  • Anti-clip: the infrared anti-clip sensors mounted on the entrance/exit and the rotor wings can ensure the safe passage.
  • Anti-bump: there are pressure sensors mounted at the entrance/exit columns and the rotor wings. Once the passenger is bumped by the rotor wings or against the columns, the door will stop immediately. When the passenger leaves, the door resumes working.
  • Anti-collide: on the top-front of each display case, theres a wide-rang infrared sensor. If the rotor wing appoximates the passenger, the door speed will decelerbrate or stop. When the passenger moves forward, the door will resume normal speed again. In case theres a fire-warning signal putting in, the door will rotate to the emergent position and open the sliding door. the swift exit of the persons inside can be ensured.
  • Immergency: in cse of emergency, the red button can be pressed down and the door will stop immediately. Once the immergency released, the button can be turned clockwise to return the door to mornam status.
  • Disabled: if the disabled button is used, the door will keep running for one cycle at low speed to ensure the safe passage of diaabled persons



Standard dimensions 695 mm throat opening, 200 mm canopy height, three door wings
LEVEL UP high 2100 - 3600 mm / canopy height 200 - 1200 mm

1600 - 3800 mm, in increments of 200 mm



Night locking

Manual locking doorset

LEVEL UP security

External or internal shield doors, security lockdown, burglar protection




Fire alarm connection, vandal resistant, CE basic

LEVEL UP safety

BoonAssist speed control, burglar or bullet resistant protection packages



Standard finish

Powder Coated Aluminiun

LEVEL UP aesthetics

Stainless steel, anodic coating, anodizing, brass





LEVEL UP technology

Drive unit in canopy



LEVEL UP comfort Push-button temporary low speed, voice module, air curtains